We recently commissioned a consumer study on our new proprietary technology. Learn how Spot Hi-Def can give you the in-store marketing advantage, raise premium item purchase intent by 59.7%, and more.

Spot Hi-Def Technology


We’re a true partner, not just a supplier.

We’re here to grow your sales and make your job easier. We bring ideas, then deliver solutions that work within your structure, your budget and your timeline.

In other words, your needs are our primary concern.

We will do whatever it takes to deliver on the solutions we have jointly developed.

We do it because we’re committed to you.

We have lightning fast turnaround times and unmatched throughput capacities to do so.

Seasonal programs are among the most profitable for retailers. Shoppers are less focused on price, and have a sense of urgency to buy.

Promotional programs to entice consumers to try a product, increase demand, or cross-sell/up-sell.

Proper branding aligns a store with positive attributes like freshness, value, health, nutrition or convenience.

Responsiveness and capacity, on time and on budget. Up to 1100 kits/hour.

Quick change options that grab the attention of shoppers, alter shopping patterns and purchase behaviors.

We conducted exclusive consumer research that led to development of our Impact Picture Signs™.

Shoppers are spending less and migrating to lower-priced retailers. Make an impact on these first-time customers.

MarketSURE™ is a powerful supply-chain management system for marketing materials management.