Coordinating in-store marketing is a complicated, time-consuming process.

You may count on one vendor to supply art on time, another to provide offset, screen and digital printing, and a third to supply hardware.

You may even need a fourth to handle kitting and a fifth for warehousing and fulfillment—it’s expensive and time consuming to keep track of all of them.

MarketSURE, provides all of these services, creating the ultimate solution for low-cost, dependable in-store marketing.

Existing MarketSURE users can log into the system by clicking the link below:


MarketSURE™ allows clients to manage their in-store marketing materials right from their desks via a secure website.

With Marketsure retailers can:

  • Maintain & warehouse inventories to help save money in storage costs.

  • Pre-schedule time-released deliveries, to ensure on-time delivery of POS materials.

  • Access information 24/7 so retailers can search, order, track, document & manage all their in-store marketing materials virtually.

  • Consolidate all shipment & inventory activity into one monthly invoice.


Through MarketSURE, we can coordinate every aspect of your in-store marketing—from art and production, to fulfillment and delivery. With the click of a button, you can send a seasonal signage kit to one store and a pack of item/price signs to another.


Our customizable, Web-based software lets you access your in-store marketing inventory online—24 hours a day, seven days a week—from the convenience of your desktop. We make it quick and easy to pick, pack and ship!


Our secure website takes the headache out of inventory management. You are always in complete control of the entire process, through real-time reporting, inventory reminders and easy-to-read activity reports.


Thanks to our same-day turnaround, you can rest assured that your in-store marketing will be delivered on time—every time.

Lower Costs

Because MarketSURE is fully integrated with the established operations of Windsor Marketing Group, you enjoy the cost benefits of having one company conveniently print, collate/kit, store and distribute all of your in-store marketing materials.

Seasonal programs are among the most profitable for retailers. Shoppers are less focused on price, and have a sense of urgency to buy.

Promotional programs to entice consumers to try a product, increase demand, or cross-sell/up-sell.

Proper branding aligns a store with positive attributes like freshness, value, health, nutrition or convenience.

Responsiveness and capacity, on time and on budget. Up to 1100 kits/hour.

Quick change options that grab the attention of shoppers, alter shopping patterns and purchase behaviors.

We conducted exclusive consumer research that led to development of our Impact Picture Signs™.

Shoppers are spending less and migrating to lower-priced retailers. Make an impact on these first-time customers.

MarketSURE™ is a powerful supply-chain management system for marketing materials management.