Our success is a result of our ability to help retailers make their stores easier to shop, reduce turnaround times and lower production and fulfillment costs.


A history of dedication and dependability.

From two associates and ten clients, to 185 associates serving more than 3,000 clients, we have steadily grown.

Our success is a result of our ability to help retailers make their stores easier to shop, reduce turnaround times and lower production and fulfillment costs.

Today, we continue to develop and implement innovative in-store marketing programs by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovations, for some of the largest retailers in the U.S.



An entrepreneurial college junior founded Windsor Marketing Group.


All manufacturing is brought in-house to increase efficiency, product quality and turnaround times for our clients.


Demand for semi-permanent in-store marketing increases. We build a screen-printing facility that allows us to further improve store-level implementation. This allows our clients to integrate semi-permanent signage with weekly sign programs, helping them achieve consistent brand identification across various sign modalities.


The implementation of digital technologies allows us to offer our clients an affordable way to produce small quantities of programs.


MarketSURE, our fulfillment operation, is built to provide our clients with a complete solution to all their in-store communications needs.


We move our Warehouse to its new location in Suffield, CT – the first of three construction phases here.


We implement turbo digital equipment, allowing us to satisfy our clients’ need for banners and other large-format printing.


To offer our clients even more cost savings, we introduced new digital Web equipment with variable data capabilities. The automation of this equipment allows us to produce variable image programs with little employee supervision, thus passing additional cost savings on to our clients.


We move the first part of printing operations to our Suffield, CT facility.


Construction is completed and management offices move into our state of the art Suffield facility, where we are now 100% self-contained.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is made up of skilled and experienced executives from a variety of backgrounds. They share a common commitment to ensuring that all that we do leads to our clients’ success.

Kevin Armata

Chief Executive

Donna Krikorian

Chief Customer Care Officer

Andy Halley

Senior VP of Graphics Technology

Ben Fournier

VP of Operations

Efrain Suarez

VP of Sales Support

Caroline Tercyak

VP of Finance


WMG works with over 3000 clients, including some of the nation’s top retailers. You may have noticed that we do not have a client list on our website. Well, there’s a simple reason for that – as a true marketing partner, we respect the confidentiality of our clients.

We work with retail clients in the supermarket, big box retail, specialty retail and services industries. Our process is one where we work to understand our clients’ businesses, strategic process, and execution details. We work to complement the hard working marketing and procurement teams on our clients’ staffs and make their jobs easier. That happens by bringing ideas that solve client needs, making them visible to key people and executing flawlessly to grow sales.

So, we’ll just say that we love our clients! And that the depth and nature of our business relationships with them, which we hold sacred, require that we keep their names and plans in confidence.

The Story of the Skull & Crossbones at WMG

The skull and crossbones is a symbol of how we bring our core belief to life— Everything We Do, Must Lead to Our Clients’ Business Success.

It’s easy to say that, but it takes a maverick organization to deliver on it. At WMG, we never give up, always look ahead, stay eternally positive and do all we can to make a difference in your business. Like the pirates of yesteryear, we’re retail trail blazers, we overcome obstacles, find unconventional solutions and break molds to deliver for you successfully. Our team is made up of mavericks because unconventional thought is the catalyst for new ideas. Bringing forward and implementing new ideas is how we create the difference between our profitable clients and their competitors. So, when you see the skull and crossbones, think of the team behind your business that is unafraid of change, challenging the status quo and swashbuckling its way to help your success.