For 40 years WMG has been committed to this core belief – Everything We Do, Must Lead to Our Clients’ Businesses Success. This means YOUR business success. We do it, because have always been committed to our clients. We’re a true partner, not just a supplier. We’re here to grow client sales and make clients jobs easier.


We’re a partner that invests in finding ways to make you money. It can be by walking your stores to consultatively bringing you ideas that grow sales, or by investing millions of dollars into state of the art equipment and a facility expansion that makes us bigger and faster.

Path of Purchase ®

We take a holistic approach to in-store marketing, with the understanding that an enhanced shopper experience is a goal we share with retailers and manufacturers alike. Our Path of Purchase® process helps shoppers find products more easily. We start by walking your stores ourselves and identifying opportunities to increase sales. We also ask you questions to uncover your needs and qualify that you too see the opportunities we see as needs. We bring forward innovative solutions based on our unique, primary research-based Hierarchy of Visual Merchandising and with a quantified sales lift forecast, to ensure that the information we provide will activate a purchase in your store—all without the assistance of a sales associate.

Our effective in-store marketing programs recognize the various modes of shopping behavior and seek to interrupt planned shopping routes with speed bumps that give focused shoppers reason to pause. Interrupting shopping patterns is like breaking bad habits—a difficult task, but well worth the effort. Effective marketing programs not only make stores easier to shop at, but also more interesting. We believe the key to a profitable in-store marketing program is captivating shoppers and inspiring them to buy.

As your partner, we will also be in your stores after deployment of a program- watching what works well and making note of other opportunities. We will work with you to conduct an accurate post-program evaluation, and bring you additional opportunities. We are your eyes, ears and sales driving partner on the sales floor.


A history of dedication and dependability.

From two associates and ten clients in our first year, to more than 120 associates serving more than 3,000 clients over the past 32 years, we have steadily grown.

Our success is a result of our ability to help retailers make their stores easier to shop, reduce turnaround times and lower production and fulfillment costs.

Today, we continue to develop and implement innovative in-store marketing programs by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovations, for some of the largest retailers in the U.S.



an entrepreneurial college junior founded Windsor Marketing Group.


all manufacturing is brought in-house to increase efficiency, product quality and turnaround times for our clients.


Demand for semi-permanent in-store marketing increases. We built a screen-printing facility that allows us to further improve store-level implementation. This allowed our clients to integrate semi-permanent signage with weekly sign programs, helping them achieve consistent brand identification across various sign modalities


the implementation of digital technologies allows us to offer our clients an affordable way to produce small quantities of programs.


MarketSURE, our fulfillment operation, is built to provide our clients with a complete solution to all their in-store communications needs.


We move our Warehouse to its new location in Suffield, CT – the first of three construction phases here


We implement turbo digital equipment, allowing us to satisfy our clients’ need for banners and other large-format printing.


To offer our clients even more cost savings, we introduced new digital Web equipment with variable data capabilities The automation of this equipment allows us to produce variable image programs with little employee supervision, thus passing additional cost savings on to our clients.


We move the first part of printing operations to our Suffield, CT facility


Construction is completed and management offices move into our state of the art Suffield facility, where we are now 100% self-contained